No Instructions Provided

As usual, I ducked into a store last-minute looking for holiday crackers (holiday table decoration thingies that pop and are filled with crappy trinkets). $38 bucks for a box? Are you fucking kidding me? No, no, no! Tradition or not, I decided from here on out we will not. The best part is the crown (tissue paper, mind you) and we can beat that, I decided. Before dinner, I grabbed a pile of paper, magazines, some bling, scissors and glue and spread it on the table. "Ok, peops! This year we're making our own crowns. Go!" Mikey jumped right in and cut, folded, and pasted himself a majestic beauty. The next person said they didn't know how to make a crown. I said there would be no instructions provided, just go for it. They did just fine. Everyone did. It was so fun to see everyone's creative expressions. I wish I had photographed each one, but I was too overwhelmed by how amazing the evening was to remember to pick up the camera:)

Heather Brincko