When I was massively pregnant and half asleep, I started taking watercolor classes from the great Jennifer Carrasco. I had always feared the medium and deemed myself hopeless for no good reason. Simply watching the colors interact in the most magical ways was enough - I was in love. If I were 5 and already married to cheese, I'd take watercolor as my second husband. Something like that... 

Another exciting development - My Aunt and I started a little something called ART WILL SAVE YOU. If you want to read the backstory you can do so here. Please join this exciting community and spread the word!

Say it. Wear it.    Talk about it.   #artwillsaveyou. See what happens.

Say it. Wear it. Talk about it. #artwillsaveyou. See what happens.

About Me

My most prestigious award so far is “Most Determination,” which I received in 1987 as a beginning-level gymnast. I drink massive amounts of tea every day, love rap music, traveling, and napping (an extremely rare treat these days). Daffodils are my favorite flower. I have them tattooed on me a. because I love them so much and b. because I like to face my fears (I used to be terrified of needles).

When I was little, my dad built a darkroom in our house and I loved photography instantly. I’ve also been really into art generally since… well, always.

My wacky grandmother, Gillian Hodge (insert her high-pitched, English accent), was a ceramic artist and all-around inspiration for me. To be honest, a piece of my artistic side died when she passed in 2001 and I had a hard time picking up a camera or paintbrush for a long time.

Many years passed by and, finally, I started picking up my cameras again. I built a darkroom in my house and also started diving into digital. Not to sound cheesy, but I started to feel alive again.

I photographed everything that came my way – family portraits, marketing events, products, and weddings of all shapes and sizes (I loved the small ones best!). It was all great fun and I learned a ton, but I eventually narrowed my focus to fine art and documentary-style family photography.



Since I have received the above gifts in multiples, I'm guessing they say a lot about me from the perspective of those who know me. Take that as you will.

Carry on...

My first nest building experiment @ Caver Hill Lake.